The Gers

Located half-way between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, with the imposing Pyrenees to the South, the Gers offers a landscape of gently rolling hills, a soft light which enhances the creamy colour of its old stones and the greenness of its fertile valleys, and a particularly mild climate : a serene and harmonious land, a “little Tuscany”.

The Gers is also a generous and unspoiled land where good-living is a tradition. In Gascony, the truculence of d’Artagnan companions is now no more than a legend, supplanted by today’s good humour and hospitality.

The Gers is finally a land of rich cultural heritage. Criss-crossed by the “Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle” and fought over in various medieval wars between France and England, the area is rich in bastides and castelnaux (villages built around a castle), a real treasure-house for art -and history- lovers.